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the brand experience
assessment tool

The BEA provides a new tool to drive accountability in customer experience management.

360° view
Provides a holistic and deep understanding of the CX dimensions, empowering Customer Experience Managers to take action.
Results are not affected by exogenous conditions such as overall market conditions.
business impact
Provides quantitative evidence on the ROI of customer centricity.


BEA has been developed by SDA Bocconi and AKQA Italy studying the most important brands of the Italian market through more than 5’000 interviews and questionnaires.
The result of this effort is an algorithm able to identify and evaluate the drivers of a great customer experience. It has been already applied to the 48 top brands by market share in Italy in order to assess their performance and rank the top 10.

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The drivers of a great customer experience according to bea

make it work

brand honesty

More than 40% of the customer experience is linked to the ability of the brand to convey a sense of reliability, trust and security: all different aspects linked to the very brand essence.

make it delightful


This category investigate the most hedonistic dimension of people, by evaluating the brand’s ability to stimulate their amusement and pleasure.

make it purposeful


This category determines the brand’s ability to establish a relationship with people, referring to the importance of making them living an engaging and memorable experience and to a sense of belonging and alignment behind a set of shared values.

make it worthwhile


This category is related to a sense of the value customer gets by investing their time and money into the relationship with the brand.

address the pain points

(lack of) regret

This is the only negative factor of the analysis. It measures the sense of regret of having interacted with a brand; failing to take action when problems occur can drive up to a 14% decrease in the BEA score.

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